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  • Land Clearing

  • Forestry Mulching/Mowing

  • Food Plots and Trails

  • Stump Removal

  • Wood Waste Disposal

  • Excavation and Grading

  • Demolition

Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching is an efficient and cost-effective method for clearing unwanted trees, brush, vines, and other vegetation. We utilize mulching attachments on a variety of machines to suit unique jobsite requirements, capable of grinding/shredding woody material where it stands and dispersing evenly over the ground in a fine mulch layer.  The resulting product from mulching serves to protect soil from erosion, is aesthetically-pleasing, and can quickly turn otherwise unusable acreage into an attractive 'park-like' appearance.  

  • Land Reclamation

  • Fuels Reduction

  • Fence line Maintenance

  • Food Plots

  • Trail Creation and Maintenance

  • Drainage Ditches

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Traditional Clearing/Grubbing

When preparing sites for new construction we offer traditional land clearing services utilizing excavators/dozers/root rakes, capable of clearing acreage in a safe, efficient, and thorough manner. 

Stump Removal

We can remove stumps with excavators or our skid-steer mounted Fecon Stump-Ex attachment is an excellent option. This attachment utilizes a slow-spinning, large 'auger', which carves out stumps in a controlled manner, without spraying/dispersing any debris as is common with traditional stump grinders. 


Site Preparation / Grading

We can provide both rough and final grading on your site  in preparation for new construction projects. From simple pole barn pads or new seedings, to extensive grade changes with our Level Best laser grader.

Wood Waste Disposal

The S119R Air Burner or Firebox is a steel container designed for a high temperature smokeless burning of wood waste. Typical disposal methods such as chipping, grinding, and hauling can be expensive and labor intensive. The airburner requires just one operator with a loading machine to achieve a cost effective and efficient solution to your wood waste in virtually any setting at a rate of 3-5 tons per hour. A 49hp Tier 4 final engine powers a custom heavy duty fan to produce the air curtain which circulates over the debris trapping the smoke inside. The result is a clean, quiet, smokeless burn in compliance with USEPA 40CFR60. We transport the firebox to your site and provide your team with instruction on how to use the firebox. Air curtain burners are currently used by:

• Municipalities to get rid of brush, logs, and stumps.

• State DOT’s for Right of Way clearing and cleanup.

• US Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA for disaster cleanup including waterborne debris elimination.

• National Parks and US Department of Energy for fuel reduction and wildfire mitigation.

• US Armed Forces for trash disposal. (Pallets, boxes, crates, etc.)

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